UMRAO Cashmere manufactures cashmere products in Nepal and has been exporting worldwide for the last 12 years. Our main woven product lines are scarves, stoles, shawls, blankets, throws, duvets and quilts. Our knitted products include scarves, sweaters, shawl-wraps, caps, gloves, socks, pet wear, throws and blankets. We have manufacturing capabilities in woven, jacquards, flat bed & hand knitted products.

Outlets: Our product line retails in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Toronto, London, Paris, Madrid and Copenhagen under the “UMRAO CASHMERE” label.

Raw materials: The raw materials we use come from the best cashmere fibre available in Tibet & Mongolia.

Colours: Based on our experience, sales and trends, our revised custom shade card has been created to offer you a standard of 160 shades, whilst keeping room for custom colors based on your requirement. Our products are available in almost all Pantone shades, utilizing imported dyes.

Sizes: We weave sizes ranging from 12 to 140 inch widths. Our hand-looms can be customized according to your needs.

Quality: After weaving, we put the piece through a custom 12-stage process: Scouring, milling, dyeing, milling, tassel making/cutting/ knotting/brushing, picking, checking, mending, semi-final ironing, side trimming, final ironing and final checking to be tagged and packed, to bring to you, the best products manufactured and finished by hand.

Exclusive products: In addition to our highest quality cashmere, we also make cashmere products using 100-count, super-fine hand-spun yarn. We also weave with 100% natural un-dyed brown cashmere creating luxurious natural products. Other products include blends of cashmere/bamboo fibre, cashmere/yak wool & cashmere/silk/cotton.
UMRAO Cashmere is one of the very few companies in the world to weave cashmere blankets and throws on Jacquard looms to create another luxurious line with intricate and abstract patterns.

Our collection is a tribute to the finest and softest of wools: Cashmere. We weave this luxurious fiber into high quality products-strong and supple, lightweight and lustrous.

For further information on price, quality, product variety and samples, please contact our marketing department.


Blanket 4 Ply WB Natural Brown

4 Ply 100% Cashmere Natural Brown Blanket

Throw 4 ply WB Natrual Brown

4 Ply 100% Cashmere Natural Brown Throw